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Whilst your hair is being perfectly styled, you can chill in a relaxed setting and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and tea in the centre of Leiden.

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Our brand of choice: Keune

LOD solely uses the best products for haircare and modeling during and after the treatment.

Keune Care Line

Sometimes hair needs a little help to reach its optimal condition. That’s why people trust their hairdresser to identify the issue and get to the root of the problem. So hair gets the attention it deserves to make it feel better and keep it healthy.

Keune developed our extensive Care Line range as a prescription for healthy hair. Indulging formulas with essentials minerals and targeted technologies offer the right solution to every hair and scalp problem. Nourishment from the inside out, getting to the root of any challenge. You can feel it working, right away.

Keune So Pure Line

Life is so much better when you take great care of yourself. It simply means making conscious choices and knowing exactly what goes into the things you choose to use.

Keune So Pure is precisely that: a pure range of sulfate-*, paraben- and ammonia-free color, care and styling products that help bring out the natural beauty and shine of your hair, body and soul. All vegan-friendly and based on plant extracts and
essential oils. We believe that what you use on your hair is as important as what you put in your body.


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About LOD
Our vision is about creating wearable and trendy haircuts which are easy to style and shape. LOD’s stylists are trained to style according to the latest trends, techniques and know how to translate that knowhow to a great haircut that makes you shine! Perfection and quality is LOD’s top priority. We listen to your wishes and ideas and base our customized hair, hair color and make up, advice thereon. With our many years of experience in the hairstylist industry and our knowledge of the latest trends we create high end fashion hairstyles and happy customers every day!
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